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Bratwurst, beer halls, lederhosen, Oktoberfest, Christmas markets and architecture - these are the things that define a proper Munich travel experience. And indeed, for many Munich is the ultimate German travel destination, for its refined sense of just what it means to be German, all clichés aside. The people of Munich are notoriously conservative, despite their city’s reputation as a true party spot. Traveling to Munich is more about the relaxed atmosphere of a beer garden than staying in nightclubs to the wee hours (though there is plenty of that, too). Many visitors are surprised by Munich’s amazing collection of architectural gems, most of which were damaged during World War II and rebuilt to their late 19th century glory. And the city is absolutely full of museums that catalogue just about everything Munich, from Kandinsky’s Expressionist geometry to antique Bavarian armor.

Most visitors arrive in Munich during the sunny summer or late autumn, just in time to join the throngs of revelers in the Oktoberfest beer tents, but the city is undeniably beautiful all year round. In spring, the budding trees and blooming flowers beg you to head outside to explore Munich’s amazing array of parks and gardens, many of which are set surrounding a historic castle or palace and almost of all of which involve beer in some way. Likewise, winter is arguably Munich’s most stunning season, as the city gets blanketed in a gentle layer of snow and every platz brims over with mulled wine and sausages at the beloved Christkindl Märkte, or Christmas markets.

Among the must-see attractions on any Munich travel itinerary are, of course, the famous Marienplatz, the veritable city center, and the Residenz, the remains of an old castle located nearby. Drinkers will also want to explore the off-track Neuhausen neighborhood, which is home to the 8000-seat Hirschgarten, the world’s largest beer garden.

Munich is one of Germany’s most famous and popular cities, and it is frequently voted as the best place to live in the country. It has the second-largest airport in Germany and an amazing public transit system that efficiently speeds people around from place to place. As such, it tends to be more expensive than other German cities and bears more than its fair share of dastardly tourists who only come to drink and prowl. Nonetheless, Munich remains clean-cut and pretty and manages to charm its visitors with its hidden corners and convivial atmosphere.

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